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"Bird Nutrition"

Bird Nutrition - Baiata Bird Sanctuary
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About Baiata Birds Sanctuary

Palm Coast Bird Sanctuary Is Moving to New Location

After many years at NatureScapes Nursery in Bunnell, the Palm Coast Bird Sanctuary is relocating.  (As many may know, the retail nursery closed the end of October.) 

Our sanctuary is building aviaries in DeLand and will be part of Patty’s Parrot Palace. Our goal is to be there by January 1, 2020 or sooner if possible.

We will retain our name and our non-profit status, but will be part of something bigger and fabulous. Your visits and support have been a blessing to us.   Thank you!

I hope you will visit us once we are established in DeLand.  Visiting hours are Saturdays, once a month. Sign up online.

I am moving to DeLand to continue my long standing volunteer work with birds. I will be at Patty’s many days a week and hope to see you there.

                                                                 Trudy Tappan