A Beautiful Habitat​  

Birds can be really interesting to watch, and many people have exotic birds as pets. And while most people like to watch birds, they do not appeal to everyone as pets. Birds require more patience than, say, a pet dog or cat. And birds can sometimes be temperamental.

This makes the Baiata Bird Sanctuary particularly appealing. Without having to own a bird, you can watch some exotic birds in a beautiful, tranquil habitat. And if you do own one or more birds, or are considering getting one, the Baiata Bird Sanctuary gives you the opportunity to see a number of different kinds of birds. And, you can even get up close if you would like to.  If one of the volunteers is on site, you can ask questions and learn even more.

The Baiata Bird Sanctuary is named after Mary-Lou Baiata, the long-time owner of Nature Scapes and the birds before her passing in the summer of 2014. The BBS is a Florida non-profit organization and a 501 C corporation designed to help rehabilitate and rehome abused or neglected parrots. The sanctuary provides a safe haven for the pet birds of Flagler County and surrounding counties that need help. The BBS officially started on August 7, 2014 with 6 parrots and those same six are flourishing under the daily and watchful care of the volunteers. 

How the Birds Got to the Sanctuary

You might wonder how the birds got to the sanctuary. In most cases, original owners gave up the birds because they could no longer care for them.  Some were moving to assisted living centers or nursing homes.  Originally, there were only six, which were donated with the promise that the birds would remain on the property and not be adopted. 

The sanctuary is offered birds on a regular basis, but due to space limitation, we have only been able to accept a limited number.  To help people, we offer a matching service and have placed a number of birds in excellent homes.   Dr. Tappan supervises all “adoptions” personally and provides continual support to adoptive parents.

Adoptive birds visit the sanctuary from time to time where they enjoy socializing with other birds, and the opportunity to enjoy the warm sunlight in the attractive courtyard.  Some board with us while owners are away.  For birds we place, we offer boarding in exchange for a donation. 

Trudy Tappan

The leader of the BBS is Trudy Tappan, RN, PhD.  Dr. Tappan has had pet birds ever since she was 5 years old and has an impressive educational background with four academic degrees. 

In addition, to these degrees, Dr. Tappan has taken multiple avian veterinarian courses to further her knowledge of birds.  Her presence in the BBS has made it what it is. She slowly introduced the birds to a nutrition rich pelleted diet, making the birds much healthier. Dr. Tappan filed all of the corporate paperwork to make the BBS a non-profit tax exempt organization, recruited and trained volunteers, and plans to seek a community educational grant.​​ 

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About Baiata Birds Sanctuary

Visit the Baiata Bird Sanctuary

If you’re looking for something interesting to do today, consider visiting a bird sanctuary.  One of the jewels of Flagler County is the Baiata Bird Sanctuary. Tucked away in the oaks alongside Nature Scapes Nursery, the sanctuary is located at 325 Old Brick Road in Bunnell, Florida (near Palm Coast).   It is a great place to visit with your family as well as alone. And best of all, admission is completely free.  If you live too far away to visit, I hope you will enjoy our web site.    Get Directions and Hours.

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