From Interstate 95 exit St Route 100 (Moody Blvd) and head west 2.5 miles towards Bunnell.   

Turn left onto Briarwood Road and follow it about 1/5th mile to Old Brick Road.   

The Palm Coast Bird Sanctuary is located at the Nature Scapes Nursery (to the right of the parking lot).

Come Visit Us! 

The birds, and also the volunteers, really look forward to meeting you.  After your visit, we invite you to return often. 

Click here to view the rules for visitors to the bird sanctuary.  


Be sure to visit us.  We take our birds to the “courtyard” every day, Monday through Saturday, 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM,  weather permitting.

This is the best time to see the birds up close because we have them out of their cages on limbs, stands, and branches.

For your safety, trained volunteers are on-site during these hours to help you avoid being bitten and to answer your questions and provide education.

NOTE:  ​For the health of our birds, we do not bring the birds outside when the heat index is over 90 or the temperature is below 62.  Our birds are older and acclimated to indoor air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. 


     Palm Coast Bird Sanctuary 
     at Nature Scapes Nursery
     325 Old Brick Road
     Bunnell, FL 32110 

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