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Your Donations are Appreciated

     The sanctuary is still in its infantry stage with room for growth.  With additional funding and more volunteers, we hope to build additional housing which could accommodate our adopting additional birds. 

     Our vision is a structure similar to a large greenhouse where all the birds could live comfortably outside their cages, but would be safe from predators. Until then, the current area is being constantly upgraded, improved, and most importantly, made even safer.

    We are completely dependent on donations to feed and care for our birds. Your donations are appreciated and 100 % of the money received is spent on the birds. Donations are tax deductible as we are a 501 3 C entity.   You will receive a thank you letter and a receipt.

Please send a check to:

         Palm Coast Bird Sanctuary
         325 Old Brick Road
         Bunnell, Florida 32110 

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