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Marylou Baiata

     The Baiata Bird Sanctuary is named for Marylou Baiata, consummate tree hugger and avid bird enthusiast.  She can be seen in the pictures with Teddy, perhaps her favorite bird. 

     A true bond was formed between Teddy and Marylou.  Teddy grieves Marylou by picking his feathers on his leg and chest, a habit he did not have until he sensed Marylou was ill.  Mary Lou died July 25 2014, less than a month after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  

​​​      Marylou was known by her friends and thousands of customers for her energy and radiance.  She was the founder and initial creative force of Nature Scapes, a 30-year-old landscaping and nursery business in a town with few businesses half that age. Nature Scapes is the home of the sanctuary.  

     Marylou is remembered for her passion, strength, love of nature, an infectious smile, a talent to make everything grow, and her ability to turn an ordinary occasion into a vibrant party.  Marylou seized each day and lived life to the fullest. 

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