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Teddy  Cacatua moluccensis

Teddy is a Moluccan Cockatoo or a Salmon-Crested Cockatoo. He is at least 35 years old, but may actually be considerably older. Moluccans, can live to be 70-100 years old.  Moluccan Cockatoos are considered the loudest of all the parrots.  Teddy is usually the favorite among visitors because of his friendly disposition. Anyone can touch Teddy and he begs to be stroked. 

​Plato  Psittacus erithacus

Plato is an Congo African Grey and she is at least 30 years old.  Most African Grey’s have a life expectancy of 50 to 70 years.  African Greys are considered to be one of the most popular parrots, and one of the best speakers. They can mimic human speech far better and more often than other parrots.  Plato is always fun to watch and hear. She can meow like a cat, and can make various others interesting sounds.


Yogi  Amazona aestiva          Boo Boo   Amazona amazonica

Yogi is a Blue-Fronted Amazon in her late 30s.  When Yogi first arrived, she was frightened and wild. Today, she is tame and talks, and will allow most people to hold her.   Boo Boo is an Orange-Winged Amazon male and, like Yogi, is in his late 30s.  Yogi and Boo Boo share a cage and are currently displaying mating behavior.  (By the way, it is nearly impossible to tell a bird’s gender without a DNA tests, but thanks to the support of our donors, all of our birds have been DNA tested.)  

Julia  (or Julie)  Amazona auropalliata

Julia was born in 1997.  Julia startles easily because she is partially blind. Her vision is cloudy and she does not see colors.

Working with a blind bird is particularly difficult because sight is an essential protective feature for birds. Parrots eyes are special, arguably better than humans.  Parrots have Ultraviolet Sensitive sight. This is especially useful for courtship, where many birds feathers reflect UV light, making their plumage seem even more appealing. 

Darwin  Amazona aestiva

Darwin is a Blue-Front Amazon female who could be as old as 75.   She is our oldest bird.

As healthy as we try to keep the birds, there are a few problems. She is underweight and her pectoralis muscles are not as strong as we would like them to be.  To fatten her up, we are giving her almonds and other nuts.  Darwin likes to sing with visitors!   



Meet Apollo, the newest member of our family- another Moluccan cockatoo. He was brought to us by his loving neighbors and our volunteers.  One neighbor in particular, Bonnie, showed great interest in Apollo and spearheaded the relocation.  Apollo was born March 4, 1997.  He weighs 810 grams and is semi-tame, but is very sweet. He loves music, red peppers, and prefers men.  However, he loves to cuddle with Trudy.  He is 105 grams heavier than Teddy... he is a big bird!     

Charlie- An African Grey  (Read Charlie's Story)

Charlie is an older male African Grey, thought to be born around 1948.  In his earlier years, he had plastic surgery for an issue with his nasal turbinates, likely caused by vitamin deficiency.  This is common with imported birds. What are turbinates you might ask?  In humans and birds, the sidewall of each nasal passage is lined by three ridges of tissue, and each of these is called a turbinate.

Charlie is lovable and mellow. He seems to enjoy being at the sanctuary and eats two cups of fruit and vegetables each day along with his regular meals. He loves Nutri-berries. He is vocal and sits right next to our other female African Grey, both in the gazebo and in the bird house.

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